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Sunday, June 07, 2009
马来西亚 forever!

Malaysia once again..

Seems to be i'm more of 3/4 malaysian than 1/2 malaysian.

Singapore PR = 1/2 Malaysian + 1/2 Singaporean

But one thing for sure.

Malaysian rural life are definitely better than Singaporean life.

Didn't know there's others more 懒睡 than me.. lol

Middle of the night Ziyi will tickle,punch, poke, kick, sayang your chin, or any sort of physical contact and mumble something.. definitely get shocked from sleep...

Lately RoN becoming OTAKU!!!

yipee! pearson giving me animation to do ^^ ..

Is the experience gaining she wants.

6/07/2009 11:21:00 PM ; シャロン
Saturday, May 30, 2009
Graduation.. KL wedding.

Well, 29th was the graduation ..

Lack of sleep + something is missing .. She wasn't able to feel the joyous atmosphere at all ..

Guess her 老毛病 is back again. Phobia of crowds

Once again. high heel shoes bite.

After her name is called. She felt tense and is so hard to keep a smile on the stage.

Graduation photo taken .. should be a 眯眯 eye shot+ a sly smile . Still at half concious state. *yawns

Sitting back down. Trembling. Sweaty palms.

Whats so scary ?

After which makan ichiban at AMK hub.

watched Night of the museum 2. Hilarious but due to eyes heavy she felt alsleep .

What to do next..


Next day . Went back to KL for wedding dinner.

Once again deprived of sleep.

How time flies to see our cousins growing up from a 小不点 to bigger kids now..

My same age cousin having her stage of love.

Is where everyone is hard to reach out to each other now.

Perheps thats growing up..

After dolling up. we went to our distant relative wedding dinner.

Gosh so many wedding dinner. Lately been traveling lots to m'sia

There's one 小不点 so damm funny.. he was looking at a video at his sister ipod.

then his 八字眉 will bounce up and down. Just looking at it.. any gloomy person will get brighten up.. so long since 笑泪 comes along..

RoN drank red wine on that day too. Her face was red but she don't feel drunk.
Beijing 神经酒[wrong pinyin i guess] is much better keke..

The next day she went to Sri Utama to shop . She only managed to window shop 3 shop due to lack of time. Its big. Even much bigger than Vivo or Jurong point.

Last day went to Shah Alam where my 1st Aunt lives. Some sort of a villa.

Experience a fight for the first time due to playing of SNAP using UNO cards..

Cards thrown to face. Vulgarities exchanged. wonder where 7+ yr olds learn this.

Inside the room got 3 little kids + 1big kiddy RoN.

Middle person RoN had to seperate them up though she got few punches too.Not bad for a skinny bonney eh ?

Its strange when they let out two rooms for us 4 to sleep. Whereas they all squeeze at one

master room . 5 kiddos and 2 adults. One thing is.. its not when only guest come they'll sleep in

one room .. it has been going for years..

Mum felt a chilly gust of wind down her spine once she stepped out of the bathroom.

One of SG cousin felt it when he was sitting down on the living room .

Creeeeeepppppyyyyy ....

To enjoy horror movies compared to hearing stories from your family.. Is totally a different thing..

Even RoN felt the fear from her mum when she told us.

Another creepy thing is sis actually sense something in RoN's room .. Thats why she didn't want her room when they split their room.

Interesting ..

To believe something beyond human limits
Is not what anyone can do.

5/30/2009 08:00:00 PM ; シャロン
Sunday, May 17, 2009
rush driving..

As usual.. went back to my malaysia kampung. woke at 5+ have to leave singapore by 7am..weekend cars..

And so .. we met up with our singapore de 2nd aunt family and off we went to the kampung..

Had our buffet lunch there. After that dressup nicely for wedding dinner..

Seriously i must be nuts to buy a $40 dress which doesn't look that price at all .. a white colour 飘飘 dress.

After eating finish .. we rushed back to singapore due to some issues involved and perheps lack of sleeping place for us..

We were kinda lost for 1 hour due to some miscommunications. It was at night then.. the road is creepy dark.. have to use high car light all the way if not... you''ll land up off the cliff..

The whole thing is so rush and there's miscommunication everywhere..

Voice out if there's something to say..

But sometimes, is hard to do so ..

5/17/2009 11:36:00 PM ; シャロン
Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Oh Boy..

Its very far away now ...

Time for plan B

5/13/2009 10:59:00 PM ; シャロン
Thursday, May 07, 2009
BTT . One down!

Oh boy.. today was the basic theory test.. so 顺便 went back to NYP to take IAP and bitc cert.. its been months since the last notice..

Due to laziness.. finally she got the chance to went back to NYP. but sad though..两手空空.
teachers are away from their desk.. or even.. office under renovations.. oh bother.. wait till the day to collect robe then .

Well.. everyone of the Liew bet that she fail..partly because she was 便 watching tv 便 studying. Not serious enough. So didn't pin any high hopes on her. And she too knew that she may flunk.

45/50 is the passing mark.. weird huh ? After clicking on 'End Test'. She used her hands to cover her eyes. Once she see PASS. She walk away silently outside.. and saw her friends and she screamed! people were looking at this lunatic.

Yippee! the 3 of them did it. Mad,Ying,RoN . Celebrate at pizza hut! 1 down.. and few more to go.. advance theory,practical test all those. oh boy.. they're going use auto.. poor RoN no choice have to use manual .

When she got home she was thinking how to bluff her family since everyone thinks she'll fail..


papa:"eh? 没有消息 ar?"

RoN:"hais.. 别说了.." =(

papa:"什么? Pass or Fail 不知道啊?"

back to her room. dig for the result slip. and pass to mama

mama:"你看! 你翘起屁股我知道的! 那里会有人Fail 还 print out?!"

mama shouted to papa @ kitchen: " 你看你女儿.我知道她的!"

Geez! so hard to lie to them. since she got a honest face ! or maybe.. it wasn't convincing enough.. hmm..2 VS 1 . only mama think she confirm pass cause no news means good news. both papa and sis die die confirm she failed.

Well.. was overjoyed cause is first attempt.. but maybe due to luck or even this year was not that harsh.. cause mum had to do 2 times. during last year ..

我等着NTU 的letter ,你为什么不要寄过来?

Heard there's rejection letter! oh god.. so loss now ..


5/07/2009 11:41:00 PM ; シャロン
Friday, May 01, 2009
逃, 挑 . mugging!

Well, after duno how many months of editing and in-depth exploring.. Finally done with drag and drop flash! weets.. still abit buggy though .. sighh.. but managed to bluff through.. Shhhh .. =x

for the bugee jumping.. though is animating it only.. but is so hard to make it realistic.. did for 4 times.. in the end.. have to let fellow collegue to help out too... so sorry ..

inherity section. Drawing is fun.. but to meet their requirements is so hard =(

Sure is a tough one.. spammed to advertise whether any takers for this project. but all was negative response..No choice..Just trying luck to take on the project..Curiosity.

There's really times she wanted to give up. then it'll be 功亏一篑 . instead of 逃, 挑 。Challenge beyond own limits.

And of course..partly also tempted by anime, manga, TV, games. Multi tasker is who she is.
Half mugging, half playing. But mostly only 30% mugging. 70% enjoying.

Finally where she thought she's free from projects.. another one come along.. her cousin's websites.. there's 3 of them. pet website, restaurant, and a flower shop..

damm! she forgotten all about her dreamweaver skills. and div layers all those is upside down..
once again.. she have to relearn what she did for her wpdp..

oh well.. anyway.. her pets website is up. ..but content all those are fake ones. Open to all sorts of comments.. GIVE FEEDBACK PLEASE! .. so as to improve better.. her skills are noob. so don't expect anything nice . hehe =x

5/01/2009 11:40:00 PM ; シャロン
Friday, March 27, 2009
Its 香港!

ehehe..saved this blog date for 香港 . 2 scars remain. But time has heal all wounds.

-1 when got scald by boiling water.. after kena scald still can boil another kettle of water.then she finally feel the pain. What slow reaction genes she have.
-2 During praying kena hot ashes .Somehow she felt pain compared to 100 dc water.

Weird skin!

Its decided..As her parents + sister went to 香港 already. It was easy to persuade them to let blur RoN to travel .Seems that traveling become part of her life. Recent trip was Beijing.

And so.. she tagged along with ying, pearline and her dai sou + 2 kids (ah boy,ah girl)

Day 1
Stayed at a hotel at causeway bay..Got Times Square right opposite the hotel. Thought Only KL have those.. hmm ..After settling down .. Off to makan!

"Mama, don't blow my food out"


Day 2

The day for small and big kids to be happy about..To find back their childhood memories..Disneyland! Though it maybe small in size compared to eurasian countries ..It still brings the joy.

Someday when pocket is full.. must experience different Disneyland around the world.

Charcoal train still in operation!

Tadah! ~

What goes around comes around, its the Merry-Go-Round

The purple & blue combination gives a mystical feel..

"Its a small world after all!"

Ride on a boat, and goes through different countries where the little dolls lived..

Da Joy of owning a car.. so cute ! =3

Fire on water effect ~

Kira kira disney land castle!

Ah RoN to the rescue! Saving the day brings joy!

Day 3

A day to pray and ask for forgiveness or hope to bring good news for the successful applicant.

Traveled 45 mins of cable car. Saw people hiking their way.. oh god! .. it can't be days right?

A plan to achieve. To go there hiking with family or someone special. Just hope nobody have to push her all the way up.

Yeah! finally reached the top and climb a flight of stairs.. Thanks to the great leg training at Great wall of china.. these steps is not that straining at all.

The cold misty air surrounded the whole 大佛

Day 4

A big rainy day at Ocean park.. It was so sudden.and the tickets damm costly $40!. Watched the ending of the dolphin show only.. no theme park for poor RoN =( ..rain rain.. does not bring joy at all..

Didn't get to 星光大道. Cause kinda lost direction already.
Forgotten makan pigeon. maybe it went to send letter.
Didn't smell anything smelly.."WHERE'S MY 臭豆腐 !"
Lamma island. ;_; seafood seafood!
badly misses the 云吞面 & dim sum& egg tarts!

And oh god.. tightly clench $$$ RoN actually spent.. S$160 on levis jeans, and S$60 on a Esprit cargo pants. It better not rot in the cupboard..

3/27/2009 11:33:00 PM ; シャロン
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